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We offer a wide range of services to give you everything you need to meet your personal goals.

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Here at Space Premier Fitness we take pride in making sure that everyone is treated as an individual, and as part of this we tailor programs to suit individuals needs.

Contrary to popular opinion, there’s no such thing as an exercise program that fits all. In short, what may work for others may not work for you and what may take others weeks to achieve may mean one year’s worth of effort on your part. But how will you be able to determine what fitness program is best for you unless you consult an expert?

As part of your membership you have the option to have your program changed on a regular basis; the frequency is determined by YOU.

Here at Space Premier Fitness we have found that our members reach their goals much faster by working closely with one of our personal trainers, and having regular modifications to their workout cards.


Motivation! It really is easier to exercise with someone around and a personal trainer is just the right person to have on your side if you have a fitness goal you’re sweating to attain. A personal trainer will know exactly when they have to act as a tough general, a great source of encouragement and inspiration or simply as a friend to talk to and listen to your personal health stories.

The Need for Change
Perhaps one of the things that hits even the most health-conscious individual is boredom! Sometimes, all that you need is a little change in your exercise routine and with a personal trainer beside you, he or she can come up with different exercise programmes, all geared towards keeping you active and interested in going to the gym.

Another popular way of training with our personal trainers is to train in the great outdoors. Whether its taking advantage of the stunning views of Alexandra Park, or climbing Jacob’s ladder (100+steps) you’re sure to make the most of the Bear Flat’s beautiful surroundings.


Bootcamp is a mixed ability class that welcomes both men and women to partake in an exhilarating blend of running, circuits and boxing. Bootcamp kicks off at 7am at the beautiful Alexandra Park and is a one hour, all out explosive session. If you are already thinking of how you’re going to disguise your winter fuelled belly as you walk down the beach on your holiday, maybe it’s time you joined in! Bootcamp is sure to get you the results you need.


If you are confused with the ever changing faddy diets and conflicting, advice found the media and would like some light shed on the ‘truth’ about how to lose weight come and see us for a nutritional consultation.

One of the main reasons for choosing us is the high level of service you receive, and as part of that we have trainers who can help advise you on your diet.

In the 1-hour nutrition appointment we will analyse your 7-day food planner and then go through it with you highlighting areas to improve. Whether it’s time restraints with work, struggling for meal ideas, or a complete lack of knowledge what to eat, you’ll be sure to leave with clarity and a new found understanding for what’s required to achieve success.

Changing body shape through food
Whether you’re aiming to gain muscle or simply reduce body fat, nutrition is, and always will be the most powerful tool for changing shape. Despite this, it is overlooked in nearly every gym; NOT HERE!

If your nutrition has never been looked at in depth, perhaps now is a good time to start!


Here at Space Premier Fitness, Health Checks are a complimentary service that we offer as part of our Gold and Platinum memberships.

Blood pressure, resting heart rate, body circumference measurements and body fat % are all taken on a regular basis to ensure you stay motivated and on track to reach your goal.

Setting targets and encouragement
Research has shown that those members having regular health assessments have a 90% chance of regularly attending the gym 2-3 times a week over a 6 month basis compared to those that don’t. That’s why here at Space gym we actively encourage you to book in with us and set some goals and targets, either to lose a few inches around the tummy line, or to try and achieve a distance you’ve never run before. By working alongside one of our staff, you’ll be sure to do achieve your goal!

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